Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Words That Change Our World

Words of wisdom are created by people who claim they understand the world. And we downgraded ourselves holding tight on what they said as if those are the words spoken by a saint on behalf of his God. As for me, I only believe in what comes out from the mouth of the prophets, saints of the past, and only a few chosen people of the present century whose background gives me a clear view that he is a good man - not a prick who deceits people with his holy look for his only own goodness.

When I wrote my previous post, I included two quotes from two people of the present century, who were Khalil Gibran and Paulo Coelho. Bet my right arm, I swear, I never met these two guys before. I do not know whether Gibran and Coelho are good people. When I googled them, all results shown are linked to websites that talk nice things about these writers. How do I going to agree with them whenever I do not know them personally?

Sometimes, I reckon modern philosophical words are ruining our world. Many people misuse them to make themselves feel better for the things they done even though they are considered as acts of sin by traditional religion's standard.

Speaking about religion makes people angry. I blame modern 'words of wisdom'.


  1. People love words of wisdom for it is the easiest way to make one self into believing there is still hope. It's free. But maybe that is not the case anymore with that so many writers making money by publishing books on self-help etc.

    As for me, I believe in the words of those who have suffered a lot..not the ones who spend most of their lifetime leading good lives by following their own nafs and suddenly claim that they have the secret of acquiring one. These are d people that spoil people's perception towards religion

    -Miss F

  2. I believe you got it right there Sir Pok Deng. "believe in what comes out from the mouth of the prophets, saints of the past".

  3. How come you are so clever? Are you as clever as all Dunggooon people, or are all Dunggooon people as clever as you are? I am not one, but close enough.

  4. Miss F,
    That's okay to find HOPE. But that's not okay to seek excuses.

  5. Wan Sharif,
    Now I accidentally invented a string of words of wisdom.

  6. Al-Manar,
    I'm not clever, uncle. I'm just pretending to be clever. It's just that I know how to express my thought, that is.