Sunday, October 24, 2010

My First TV Appearance

... was about seven years ago. The venue where the interview took place was at Petroliam Carigali, somewhere at the southern kingdom in which many dinosaurs slept but never wake up.

When I stepped into the air-conditioned lobby, one of the ladies who was in charge of welcoming the participants approached me and politely asked in her soft, heart-melting voice, "skews me adik, awak Sir Pok Deng ke?" (Excuse me, lil bro. Are ya Sir Pok Deng?). After introducing myself, she told me that I have been selected (randomly, I suppose) to be an interviewee who needs to say nice things about Petronas in front of the camera. The guy from RTM had been waiting earlier that morning, as she mentioned later. Indeed, I could see him sitting on a chair having a cuppa with a big black video camera placed beside him. He wore a sleeveless, oversize brown vest with a familiar logo at his chest pocket.

The lady, who smelled of talcum its brand name escaped me, gave me a piece of paper printed with list of questions that will be asked by the interviewer, like, how do I feel after being selected as Dungun's representative by the national petroleum company to watch Michael Schumacher steer his vehicle on Sepang's F1 race track. I said to myself, 'of course I'm happy', so I wrote that down at the back side of the paper she gave me soon after she excused herself to find another boys and girls to say nice things about Petronas.

Back in school three days later, with wonderful memories of witnessing white folks strolled half naked about Sepang International Circuit still fresh in mind, an ustaz called up my name when I was passing the canteen. I walked to him nervously as if I was doing anything wrong.

"Hey I saw you on TV yesterday!" he said. "How thick your Terengganu accent was you put shame on this school's name ha ha!"

I smiled and walked away leaving him make fun of my Terengganu accent with other boys listening.


  1. ...wahha... F1... did you put your ear-plugs, Sir?
    ...(pic above) is that you in the middle right behind the lady..?

  2. yohteh,
    They gave us each a pair of fluffy earplugs once we get in Sepang International Circuit. Watched the event at the Grand Stand, so I could see them twelve 'workers' (dunno what the exact term) of each team changed the vehicle's wheels oh so quick. The engine's sound... I'd say... EXTREMELY LOUD.

    Nope. It's not me. Due to bad lighting, I'm the darkest of complexion in the photo. I don't mind uploading this one in my blog because readers can't see clearly how my face look like. Ha! ha!

  3. Ah.. you are opening a can.. not a can of worm.. but a can all the same.. or would you rather choose or prefer "cetong"?
    So in 2003 you were still in school.. old folk like Ayoh Wang would be too old to address you as Pök.. don't you agree?
    No.. do not worry.. you would still be Sir Pök Déng.. Ayoh Wang just pulling your leg.. huaha ha

  4. PMR...2003?! You are surely the youngest Sir I've delightfully ever came across.

  5. Wan Sharif,
    I thought you already knew I'm too young to be called as 'Pok'. I dropped hints all over my previous posts already. Ha! Ha!

  6. Bluey,
    Your face turns blue, miss/ma'am/sir. Hehe. Yep, I'm perhaps ONE OF the youngest Sir you ever came across. Born in September 1987. Graduated from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak on 2010 at the age of 23. Next year's Semptember, I'll turn 24. My hair is thinning already (male pattern baldness). I'll look old like any old man should be.

    But that doesn't mean you cannot agree all my points of view due to my age, aite?

  7. I'm seriously jealous of you Sir, for watching F1 at the circuit. T_T To make the jealousy worse, PMR year was the time when I have crush with one, or maybe 3 or 4 F1 drivers. I think more than 4 drivers actually. Gosh, I'm a bimbo since PMR *slap forehead*

  8. Bluey,
    CORRECTION of your statement: It was PMR 2002 actually. I went to SIC on 2003.

    Speed turns you on eh?

  9. "Kecil jangan disangka anak" :) Btw, does SIC stands for Sultan Ismail KB? It's one of the best, you know.

  10. Bluey,
    Small-small chilly hot. SIC stands for Sepang International Circuit.

  11. Not speed. Just that silly 15yo girl crush. Instead of having crush with cute cheesy boy band members, I have crush with cute F1 drivers. As simple as that. I think when I'm 15yo, I feel pressured to have crush with someone unobtainable. Weird stuff