Friday, October 1, 2010

You Are Now A Plumber

I learned to make this primitive device when I was in primary school. So far I haven’t met any Malaysian who knows how about this stuff other than my peers who gave full attention to Mr Kamarudin had taught in Kemahiran Hidup lessons’ class many many years ago. I think he impressed his father-in-law-to-be by this cool thing. This cool gadget is used to solve your kitchen’s pipeline problem. Codename: sinki tersumbat. Don’t spend too much time thinking of how this tool works. You are going no where with that. Shove it (the end with the ‘supek gelenya’ knotted together) into the exit route where water from the sink flows out into the drain. Shove it in, and pull it hard. Shove it in, and pull it hard. Shove it in, and pull harder until success makes you smile. Happy trying, folks.

Supek gelenya: ancient name of 'plastic bags'.

Update 2/10/2010: So 'supek gelenya' is not a Terengganu word at all. Seriously I never knew that! I have been using 'supek gelenya' in my entire life. :|


  1. ...bhaa hahahaaa... very clever..!!!

  2. very amazed!! *wink *wink

    'supek gelenyar'..had one hell of a time when i first heard of that word during the early days of my stay here in Klantan. There's another term for it right? 'supek ghok ghak'..hikkkss..

  3. My Ustaz calls plastic bags jabir, he says only Kuala Berang people use the word, ha ha.

    I have a question: in what way is supek gelenya, really?

  4. yohteh,
    You had a good laugh, yohteh. Hope I know what was in your mind. Haha!

  5. sally,
    'Rajuk' is perhaps the Adam of nowadays 'plastic bags'. Before 'supek gelenya' roam the earth, it was 'rajuk' which already served the cavemen as a pouch to carry 'telur burung puyuh'.

    'Supek ghok ghak'? Wow... thanks for helping me improving my vocab level, ma'am!

  6. Lisa Farhana,
    I believe the word 'jabir' has spread its wings into many other places in Terengganu including my beautiful Dungun! My Father always uses 'jabir' to describe 'a jabir of kuih pelita' he bought at the 'Pasor Minggu'.

    Hmmm... I am no linguist, miss. I don't know why Terengganu elders put the 'gelenya' word at their lovable supek.

    To shed some light for other commentators, 'gelenya' in Terengganu is some kind of a light vulgar attributed to coquettish damsels who shriek for men's attention.

  7. what a clever invention. Awang and semek in my kampung call that similar plastic bag a "plastik ghe che"...

  8. Tompang lalu Sir Pok Din..
    supek gelenya and supek ghok ngak are definitely (I believe) kecek ore kelate. Di pulau Duyong ..tempat yang bahasa Gganu dok bercelaru mana .. sampai ada ghertok Sultan Wei.. benda Allah tu di panggil supek ngecheng.. something similar to Besut influenced DrSam.. plastik ghe che..
    dalang ingatan ayoh wang .. ada gok perkataan jabir, kussan, selain pada kelepe..

  9. DrSam,
    Until one day someone from my peers will think about bringing this invention up for patent registration. haha!

    Supek ghe che?

    Seriously, as a young man, I never of that. WOW. How sophisticated Pantai Timur's dialect is.

  10. Wan Sharif,
    You know better than me, Ayoh Wang! Thanks for adding such precious ancient vocab into my Terengganuspeak's dictionary.

    Kussan? WOW, again.

  11. ..salam, spd..

    'some kind of a light vulgar attributed to coquettish damsels who shriek for men's attention..?' you r being sexist there, spd..:) for gelenya describes just as aptly old men who are horny beyond their years..cheers..

  12. pakmat,
    I use 'miang' instead. I know it sounds very Koala Loomper. Thanks for visiting, Pakmat.

  13. come ong meng - mana ada "kussaN" dalang kazanoh bahasa Terengganu. It is "KussanG"- most often used to refer to "bungkusan" kain-baju yang diikak dalang sela kain batik/pelikak.

  14. Anonymous,
    I reckon 'Teganung' sounds pretty much better for you and me, anon. Is that you, Sir Awang Goneng?

  15. wow, at first I thought it was a small penis with 3 colorful testicles, damn!

  16. Brekpik,
    You have an dirty brain, my friend. Clean it up will a bottle of 'air nira nipoh', please.

  17. puffffff!! seems/sounds complicated enough for me. I used to use my charm on the boys in my class to do my Kemahiran Hidup's projects/tasks. I ended up doing nothing and earned great marks. hehe.. :p

    hey, its "supek rok-rak" in kelate isnt it? I think Ive heard my kelate buddy said that somehow. hahahhaa funny word eh?

  18. | Larasephia |,
    So you do the same thing in your varsity days, do you? Believe it or not, that normally doesn't work on me, miss. Hehe.

    'Supek rok-rak' is a Terengganu word, sweetheart. Yep, Terengganu/Kelantan words are meant to be funny.