What they say about my writings:

Brilliant, witty, outspoken, sensitive, observant. - Mossavi

The dark inspiration? A force to be reckon with? As the saying goes "you admire what you don't understand." Rest assured your crappy style hasn't bored me yet. - Gumbleed

I guess Sir Pok Deng is a philosopher of the unique mind. Very fond of using metaphors in your writing. But i like it that way. An eye opener to a different view of how things should be looked at... however, i could sense down deep there's a past sorrow that fuels up most of the rage in your writings.. but perhaps its still under control.. keep up blogging. As long as there's something to read, I will continue reading - Faez Najmuddin

I hardly give compliments to others in a very elegant manner. I tend to be too honest which sometimes is bad, but all i can say right now is that i'm aw-inspired by your writings. - Dottie with Dots from here.

When I read yours - i don't know why on earth I macam teringat Che Husna Azhari. Dia banyak menulis tentang Kelantan. And when you write simple stories, with simple vocabs, (which is full of wit) I can't help but to compare you with Earnest Hemingway yang begitu santai, tetapi sangat provocative at times. - Zuhrah

Sometimes I feel you and Lat were play buddies. - Dr. Tranquility from here.

You're such a good writer. You got all these great ideas and I have a wonderful time reading your writings. - Judiene from here.

One day, Sir Pok Deng, you will write a book. And it will be a best seller. - Ninotaziz from here.

Speaking of my age:

Spoke like a true wise man. How old are you again? - Dr. Tranquility from here.

You sound much older than you really are. That's a compliment in case you missed it. - Ninotaziz from here.

PMR...2003?! You are surely the youngest Sir I've delightfully ever came across.  - Bluey from here.

You don't sound 23 at all. You sound much more mature. :) - Cinta from here.

Who says I'm always waving my own flag?:

Yes, I was going to say your grammar is atrocious. - Ninotaziz from here.

Others are taken from here.