Saturday, September 27, 2008


  1. a handsome guy from Trengganu :P

  2. hye deng...
    we've known each other for a long time, ritE? but yet, we never meet? or intended to meet although we stay nearby (dungun).
    u're such a mysterious guy and full of craps.


  3. azrn,

    Yeah we have known each other for such a long time. You stalked my blog once and we became friends since then. Azrn, you are cute. I'm afraid that I'll fall in love with you if we intend to meet. Of course, I need to spend more money to treat you everyday, something that is a no-no for me. Dear cutie azrn, please... don't make my heart beats faster. Your facebook primary photo made my heart dup dap dup dap.

    Unbreak my heart~.... *sing*

  4. Pok Deng...
    Yu nak ai giv testi guene?
    Takpe... ai bagi gak; teruna yang tak pernah jumpe... kenel ririn, makan kenal lah juga pok deng... memang mistirius.... dari dinwork sampai menjadi seorang ahli filusuf peringkat PhD... masakan ada 'Dr'.

    Oke dok testi nie?

  5. Rasso,

    Emangnya gue mistirius? Oh, itu title 'Dr.' picisan, barangkali dari pedalaman Indonesia sana.

    Siney kawu blaja kelaka Pantai Timur ow? Hehe.

  6. Benner' 'Doc'! mistirius banget dong 'doc'...
    jaman sekola pondok dulu... kawe2 ramai dari sano. buleh la ceket...

  7. Rasso,

    Mistirius tang mana tuh? Huhu.

    p/s: Anda boleh mengkritik/memuji penulisan blog ini jika mahu.

  8. I hopped here via azrn's as well. An outspoken philosopher yet fun to be read. dat enuff?

  9. A t i Q a h,

    ... An outspoken philosopher yet fun to be read...

    I like that! Thanks!


  10. Brilliant, witty, outspoken, sensitive, observant, ......... Selamat Hari Raya PokDeng.

  11. the dark inspiration?
    a force to be reckon with?

    as the saying goes "you admire what you don't understand"

    rest assured your crappy style hasn't bored me yet.

  12. mossavi,
    Thanks for the testimonial, aunty. Selamat Hari Raya to you too.

    May God bless you.

  13. Selamat Hari Raya to you too! Take care :)

  14. Janganlah berkata 'take care' pada saya. Nanti saya jatuh cinta.

  15. take care take care take care take care take care....boleh? *jeling-jeling manja kat pokdeng

  16. owh, pokdeng really is KIUTTTT!!

  17. a Late testimony if i may...
    would brilliant be an over statement?hehehe
    i guess sir pok deng is a philosopher of the unique mind. very fond of using metaphors in your writing. but i like it that way. an eye opener to a different view of how things should be looked at...
    however, i could sense down deep there's a past sorrow that fuels up most of the rage in ur writings..
    but perhaps its still under control..
    keep up blogging. as long as theres something to read, i will continue reading

  18. Thanks, sir. I'll put that in the testimonial page.

  19. wooooaa...hebat bangat gaya penulisanmu...english mu ok bangat..hebat sih..ajarin gue..

  20. Masih ada lagi yang hebat-hebat di luar sana. However, I'll consider that as a compliment.

  21. just like my to'ki..n my stoned saing..
    sorry for a late testis n broken enguhliszh..i guess better late or get laid than never..

    Regards from Marang

  22. hi there,
    i guess am a new fan of your writing. and i found your writing is good. because it keeps me reading, from one entry to another. the essence of your writing is strong, but i hope you'll put more trust on your readers.

    or don't trust them at all. HAHA!

    the point is, don't be afraid if they might have misunderstood your writing. because they are others who might have understood yours well-enough.

    when i read yours - i don't know why on earth i macam teringat che husna azhari. dia banyak menulis tentang kelantan. and when you write simple stories, with simple vocabs, (which is full of wit) i can't help but to compare you with earnest hemingway yang begitu santai, tetapi sangat provocative at times.

    er, how old are you, actually? am 26. and, do you have experience OBE (out of body experience?. i did.

  23. zuhrah,
    Hi zuhrah, thanks for liking my humble materials. The comparison with Earnest Hemingway is flattering me. Thanks again for making me floating in the air in another OBE!

    Speaking of OBE, I did experience it once, as described in my story entitled "Flying In My Dreams" ( And I reckon you have read it.

    My age? You've just started a guessing game. :)