Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Song, The Melody

There's a fat chance that I could pick up a guitar and play a song or two in a Sunday evening under a coconut tree along the beach when the wind blows as soft and comfortable as the melody that goes by. And there's a fat chance too, to have a beautiful lady that would sit there adoring my ever lovely tunes as the strings flicked into a celestial song that would stop any flying birds passed by.

How much I adore the guitar playing know-how so bad as if this is the last thing I would do before I die. The man named Andy McKee deserved the authority to teach me how to play this manly musical instrument until I am able to pluck every single note flawlessly half of an eye. How sweet if that beautiful lady would bashfully turn to smile.

"Pandainya!!! Suka!!! One more! One more! He. He." Begging the swain to comply.
"I'm sorry dear, this is the only piece I ever known." Yes, I'm just a perfect sly.
"Please... I really wanted to listen to your angelic voice so bad... Please... sobs... sobs.."

"Oh my dear, thou shall never cry. Heaven knows this is just a white lie. Covering my hopes on you that have already brought to the sky-high. Please wait for a while."

And so I will begin to reposition the guitar on my lap to comfy. Plucking the chords gracefully like flying birds in the sky. Weaving vowels between the words beautifully like sweet memories during the days gone by.
Maybe I didn't hold you,
all those lonely lonely times,
and I guess I never told you,
so happy that you're mine,
little things I should have said and
done I just never took the time.

You were always on my mind,
You were always on my mind.
Oh what a meaningful song from an ordinary guy. All I know that love is priceless to buy. And so she'll begin to get my shoulder to lay on and smile. I will watch up to the sky and promise never say goodbye.

Now I know a guitar can make me to be a perfect guy. At least, for a while.

P/s: What a drama. Wooooohooo!!
P/s#2: Willie Nelson's Always on My Mind.


  1. You write something very different this time. Such an optimistic atmosphere.

  2. Willie's rendition is ain't that bad, how about if you play the man himself version. Hereee's Elvis!

  3. Pepper,
    Yes I noticed that. Hope you like it. LOL.

    I'm not really into oldies but once I clung myself on this Willie's version, not knowing that the original was Elvis'. Thanks for the information, mate. Perhaps I should try listening to the original version. But so far, Willie's has it all and I like it.

  4. I agree with Pepper
    let us wish each other happiness while upon gazin' at the stars tonight, shall we?

  5. Ariff Dean,
    Hope that we're gazing at the same stars. :)

  6. Yes, sir! The guitar (if you play it well enough) can get you into places you've only dreamed about before. Only the piano can do the job better (I think).

    But the piano isn't as portable.

  7. bangkai,
    I thought someday I'll talk about violin. It's portable too!