Saturday, October 15, 2011

She's Spoilt

"Doksoh lah. Enough. Stop it already. You should forget her. She's spoilt. Spoilt. Bloody spoilt," says Pok Kor the clairvoyant man.


"I am sorry I have to say this out very clear, young man. This is for your own goodness. Dok payoh lah, wak nyusoh je kekgi. Stop it already, if you carry on like this, she will be a bigger problem to you. Cakap ballik-belloh sekali dia ni. A good spinner she is. What she has told you before does not reflect what she's actually doing over there. Kuat ngulor ni, muttor ulor sekali. Like a petrified snake knocked senseless by a stick her words are."


"I am sorry again young man. This is an honest advice for your own goodness. Forget her already. She's spoilt."

"It seems like you know better, Pok Kor," says Sir Pok Deng.

This happened a day before Father died. God has answered my prayer. He showed me her true colours.


  1. rainyscream,
    Don't think too much, sweetheart.

  2. Good to have one who could always remind you of the consequences pre-tragedy. Lucky Pok Deng!

    p/s: I havent been here for a while, and you're calling another chick a sweetheart? Like..already?

  3. Larasephia,
    It's Him who reminded me of that. He dropped me hints so that I can foresee the bad consequences if I chose to carry on holding hope that she will later change into a better one. And it won't happen because she doesn't want to.

    RE of your p/s: I told you already that I like all pretty women. Rainyscream is pretty. She's my junior. I've been stealing glances at her when we both in same class a year ago. We didn't even have the golden chance say hi to each other until these days. In expressing my temporary happiness towards the world I now live in, I call her "sweetheart". Don't hate me, pumpkin pie. To all my darlings who are reading this, don't hate me too.

  4. Good advice: When someone gives it to you, take it.

    *Jumping on the make-pok-deng-sweat-bandwagon*
    Wait, wait, wait. You never called me sweetheart or pumpking pai...Am I not a pretty woman too?

  5. Wow, now flowers flock an egocentric bee!

  6. ninotaziz,
    I think almost all women are blindly sympathetic towards their own kind. I understand that.

    And if you think I'm egocentric, you should know my selfish, insolent, liar, I-love-to-spin-stories-so-that-my-lies-wont-get-disclosed-and-if-it-happens-i-just-need-to-keep-silent-and-tell-him-he's-a-loser ex too.

  7. Dear dear Sir Pok Deng,
    I meant blatant devotion from Larasephia and Jiyuu cannot fail to make you egocentric.

    Aahhh...and I thought you were a poet like me.

  8. ninotaziz,

    Damn, how wrong I am!

    Sorry, ma'am. I ain't no poet. The hell are you trying to say, really? Miahahaha!

    I'm a scientist, actually. :)

  9. You are lucky Sir to have someone to alert or remind you which one is a good and bad apple.. :)


  10. Connie,
    She's not an apple. She's a piece of shit.