Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Got The Job

Mother used to say whenever God has taken something away from us, He will surely give us something else back to make us happy. We just have to wait. God has taken Father away from me, surely one day he will pay me with something else that can make me happy; like a pretty girl who would be my missus or a high-paying job that can make my dream about me owning a white Audi R8 (expensive shit) come true.
He has given me the latter.

Not a really high-paying job however, but the salary is high enough to this single man named Sir Pok Deng because he only needs to walk twenty steps to reach the alternative entrance gate of SIRIM Berhad. My department block is within three minutes walking distance from the cafeteria where every morning I spent thirty five minutes sipping a cuppa while thinking about the origin of the universe.

I already have visions of Father smiling oh so cheeky, fighting hard not to smile again because smiling while talking would cause vowels and consonants from adjacent words hybridized in weird manner, hence, I can’t get what he is trying to say.

Longpatje?!” imaginary Father says.

“What? Beg your pardon! The hell are you tryin’ to say?”

A-a-a,” Father stutters as usual, still can’t get smiles off his face “A-a-along dapat keje ke? (you got job?)”

Hor lah,” I say. Yes I do.



Tomorrow I will notice that the whole specimens in his department including the chairs, tables, stray cats, goldfishes in the aquarium at the second floor, red hibiscus flowers that bloom outside the office premise know about this good news. Everybody in there call me Along.

This is a happy post.


  1. happy for you. yes! next year can get 'duit raya'..weee~

  2. rainyscream,
    I'll send you duit hantaran.

  3. Alhamdulillah semuga Pok Din selalu beringat..

  4. Lisa Farhana,
    Thanks, miss!

    Wan Sharif,
    Yeah! Hope I'll be more pious! Yeah! Yeah right!

    Afiq Tk,
    Thank you.

  5. Mak Piah,
    That sounds English, Mak Piah.

    nur aisya humaira,
    Senkiu, young lady.

  6. suka post kendian delete tau...uweks!

  7. Mak Piah,
    Mental disturbance, Mak Piah. I'll repost.

  8. Congrats! Tahniah... All the best in working life.. ^^v