Monday, August 22, 2011


  1. nobody expects celebrities to turn around n be religious.

    prisoners are expected to since they're put there to be re-educated.

    but as the prophet said.. 'my people are sinners, the best of the are those that repent.'

    so who cares who's who. keyword is repent.

  2. Should we care too much about what people say.. then we could hardly progress for whatever we do there will be at least 2 sets of people who like and dislike our action.. if LukmanulHakim stories is of any indicator..
    Like The Tea Drinker thought on the word REPENT ;)
    Wan Sharif

  3. That's how big the influence of celebrities towards people nowadays.
    I guess I'm with The Tea Drinker on this one.


  4. To everybody who had commented and for those who will:,
    Of the two sentences that I wrote above, I only care about the first.

    You know easy people nowadays mengangkat martabat orang sampai tahap "ustaz"? Sejak bila diorang dapat pangkat "ustaz" tu? Ada mereka belajar agama tinggi-tinggi sampai cukup ilmu untuk bergelar ustaz?

    Malaysian's definition for 'uztaz':
    (1) They must speak Malay with strong Arabic accent eg. "ana nak makan nasi dulu ya".
    (2) They love nasheed.
    (3) They dress like an Arab ie. jubah, serban.

    We apparently DON'T CARE on what they really understand about Islam. Appearance is all that matters.

  5. Let us change that perception then. You have the power of the written words. Write, and we shall all heal.

  6. Cinta,

    I tend to use my power for destruction. I don't give solutions; I criticize, I assaulted 'the other side' with my strong sarcasm, I make them feel bad so that they will stop.

    My three years of suffered life had turned me into a hateful person. I HATE self-proclaimed ustazs and pro-taz (the so called professional ustaz). I HATE them so much. Even the saint-est of wise men could not bleach the hatred in me. I see the self-proclaimed ustazs as parasites, the fatal infection to our community.

  7. They are worst than scums? They are the fungus that feeds upon the scum.

    Hate is such a strong word Sir. You're a good person...deep deep deep deep deep down

  8. Too much hate - but true
    Uztaz cannot suddenly,
    Sprout here and there

  9. Ninotaziz,
    Thanks for agreeing with me, ma'am.

  10. Its the same equation with the acceptation of celebrities became drug addict. They will always be accepted in the community albeit what they did unlike those commoners who just got out of a rehab.

    And just to touch on what TD has said up there, I'm sorry but do people really care if those commoners have repented? Without being prejudice, would they be easily accepted? I dont think so.

    Once a celebrity will always be a celebrity Sir.

  11. Dottie with Dots,
    Dottie Dotsie Dottie!! Where have you been, miss?!

    You got the point there, Dots. I'm sorry I am very very not with those who opted to call those repented male celebrities "ustaz". I don't care if they grew some beard, wore white skullcap, and gave lectures at nearby mosque... it does not impress me at all.

    As for me, they don't have the credibility to hold the responsibility (being a KNOWLEDGEABLE preacher/missionary). They quoted some hadith, recited some verses, flavoured their speech with bombastic Arabic terms and phrases (and accent too); but they still talk craps.

    Remember Dots, we still have those self-proclaimed ustazs who are not celebrities roaming wild in our community.

    When I compare these people with well-known Ustaz Azhar Idrus, Ustaz Ridhuan Tee Abdullah, Ustaz Ravi, Ustaz Daniel, and the likes -- they are nothing but delusional donkeys.

  12. ustaz suu' as cheap as the pseudo-PhD holders that roam this planet. Now those title become sort of commodity as they can 'cari makan' with it.

    I don't care about the title, what I care is the content and good intention.

    ana takallam bilughatul arobiah kolil you have to call me ustaz...ha...ha..

  13. Ustaz DrSam,
    Wah! Masya-Allah! Toyyib jiddan jiddan! Darosna allughotul arobiah aidhon!

    Call me "Ustaz Sir Pok Deng" plis.