Friday, July 1, 2011

Forgetting You

I burned my eyes not to steal a glance at you that day. I pretended you weren't there near me, and that nasi ayam was a hell lot looking good than your beautiful eyes. I bet you my left pinky finger that my friends must have been bored listening me rant about how sweet you smile is, how beautiful your eyes are, how gorgeous you look in that red kebaya. You picked up your tapau (polystyrene lunch container) and left, and when your perfectly shaped nose disappeared from the corner of my eyes, I elbowed my friend and asked him a question which he too must have been bored listening to for a thousandth time: "she go?"

I had left you, young lady. I haven't had the chance to be a real man, to walk over to you, to say "dah habis kelas?" And that was probably the lamest and most decent starting line ever to break the ice.

But hey, you have just accepted my friend request on Facebook! I'm happy to see you post something on my wall, not a "thanks-for-the-add" rubbish, but something that seemed like you wanted to know me more, and we actually interacted through the comments' box afterward. My friend kept saying that was a good sign, "that's a green light, man! Go get her!"

But it states there in your details, you are 'In a Relationship'.


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  2. Ah.. you are confusing the old me with you romantic (yamg tak berapa menjadi) frustration..

  3. Wan Sharif,
    Does frustration need to be romantic, ayoh wang?

  4. heee :)

    it's okey. people can write whatever they want to in facebook. so, be her friends first. then, we'll see how it goes. okay, sir?

    good luck!

  5. little ain,
    You sound like my friend. I wonder where these people like you get such an optimistic thought about the subject matter. Yeah, he said she's faking it.

  6. ...she's "in a relationship"... well, a very crystal-clear-info there... with whom? neither me nor Ayoh Wang and any other coots here... you don't just read in what she has written, do read from her heart, from her rythmic tremolando romantika... hahaha..!

    ...meaning what..?'s with YOU Sir..! it's you whom her status really matters...

  7. HAHA. i'll take that as a compliment :)

    i'm sure she's faking it. i can say i'm in relationship too thou i'm not. maybe she has her own reason why she put it that way. give her a friendly approach. ask simple thing like u said, "dah habes kelas" and etc.

    buleh punye laaa.

  8. Yohteh,
    Crystal clear indeed. Now I see you stalk my profile, yohteh. HAHA!

    Now once again, there's another person who sounds like my friend. Yes, he said "she's with you".

    Optimism is an alien thing for me.

  9. little ain,
    Yeah that's because she's pretty and she's way too malas nak layan too many men chasing after her.

    Miss, I am already OUT from the place where I met her. She's still studying and I'm right here googling job vacancies.

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  11. haha. this is the time. give yourself a chance.

  12. haha. u think so, kah? alaaa rilek la boh. i think u should give yourself a chance too.

    come on, pm her every 3 days or 4 days.

    dok tera, dok tau :D

  13. little ain
    Ofkos, lah! My small brain thinks that way.

    PM her every 3 or 4 days eh? Sounds like a good idea. I always thought that approaching method is already outdated, and being too pushy.

    Hmmm... sounds like a good idea. Thanks. You got experience, young lady.

  14. Oh, how things have changed. I feel old.

    What did I do to win dear hubby who did not have a chance? I stalked his takraw games, volunteered to manage his football team and joined his volleyball team! Pm every three or four days? I would have lost him to the very cute 21 year old chinese girl he was dating!

  15. just try lahh. should be okay. jangan everyday. tu memang die pon pelik kekgi.

    hehehe. ouhh talking about experience? nope i dont have any. it's just, i'm a girl too.

    i just know :)

    Puan Ninot Aziz

    seriously your husband dated a cute 21 year old chinese girl that time? heee :D

  16. Just Go for it Sir!..erase the probability of 'what if'.....10 years from today

  17. Pk Daeng...

    The fun is in the chase. Kejor lah, awang oooi.

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

  18. ninotaziz,
    I see. I can see that both sides were trying to make things work out. Both won! :)

  19. little ain,
    It's programmed in every woman's brain I think.

  20. Myra,
    You mean something like guerrilla fight? Do the ambush, and run away when the enemy fight back? Hihiks.

  21. Best man win... it surely happens lots of time :)

    p/s: now I know already.. "wink2".. anw, need my help, just tell me.. hehe..

  22. Being the hunter is fun, I think.. So do get to know her better.. If u still want to know if she is really attached with someone or not, get to know her better.. Manatau u got a chance for her to choose... :)

  23. Kak Moon,
    No thanks. This is my fight. Eheh.