Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Mother For All

[Me and Mok]

That’s Grandma – a grandmother and also a mother shared by all which explains the reason why everyone in the family calls her Mok. Be it her grandchild from Dungun or her son-in-law from Parit Sulong in the state of Johore, she is a Mok to both. She was Mok for everybody in those olden days and forever she is abound by such title until the last day of the youngest of our consanguinity would ever live on earth, and by that event, nobody would remember Mok anymore but that’s too extreme for me to imagine.

Remembering Mok is always bringing in echoes of her voices saying thoughtful advice and there's one I constantly remember;

“Ingat Pa’ih, semayang jangang tinggal! Kekgi kat Padang Mahsyar duduk kat paling belakang, dok napok Allah kat depang!”

I believe that needs no translation because it was indeed just for me. You guys have your own version of Mok to do that for you.


  1. my mok-version Che' always remind me 'Jangan tinggal semayang Awang eh...suboh jangang keghek sangat suboh gajoh tuuuu..." of which now become my other half regular script to my young prodigies. So I think all mok has the same concern and they share similar feeling towards us, the loved one.

  2. Agreed...

    all mok is unique in their own version. but they always this have the same concern and share similar feeling toward us, the loved one. (DrSam, pinjam ayat ya).

  3. 'Mok' is what I call my late great grandma. Right now, the I can clearly remember she making us coffee and coupled that with biscuits after isya'.

    O Allah, bless the people that has gone before us especially the ones that took care of us when we were young. amin.

  4. DrSam,
    I am thinking of doing the same too! Thanks for the inspiration. I'm gonna get my children bosang dengor mende sama everyday. LOL.

    A motherly instinct from you... that every woman shares. :)

    The Tea Drinker,
    You have a strong memory, sir. Ameen, as always.

  5. I thought 'tinggal' is pronounced as 'tingga'?

  6. Dottie with Dots,
    Miss, I thought you grew up in the USA?