Saturday, May 15, 2010

I'm Going Home

This is an automatically generated post. By the time you read this line, I am already wandering around Kuala Lumpur International Airport pretending myself as a tourist from Sri Lanka. If you found a not-too-tall guy (don't call me 'shorty'), balding on top, sitting alone on a randomly chosen bench while reading an English novel written by a somewhat good international author, then I think it is the time you'd better approach that guy and say;

Ikan gelama dalam bakul,
Ikan keli dalam perahu,
Harap-harap saya betul,
Inikah Pok Deng yang hensem itu?

That is the password. If you fail to recite the whole lines then, I will take no effort to look at your face and smile back at you. If it is a successful pantun recitation with a subtle Melayu touch in it, then we will have a lengthy conversation at the nearest cafe. The prettier you are, the longer the conversation will take. Meant, I am dropping hints at ladies. Guys, you don't have to recite the pantun. All you need to do is, greet me like a man should be, and treat me for a cup of coffee.

See you there, folks!


  1. If we guys recite the pantun, can we expect a pantun-in-reply from you?

    Ok-lah, let's just drop the pantun have some coffee..

  2. hahahaha you shorty,hahaha i bet we'll be talking for 3 days if i was there,after reciting the pass codes.hahahaha

  3. I did. Recited the pantun, I did. And the bloke looked up at me and said "I thought the passcode was Mokhtar?" *LOL*

  4. Sally,
    Thanks, ma'am. Hold on, mana kapet merah?

    Of course I will.

    Dijulang keris tidak bersarung,
    Dipasak akhirnya di atas batu,
    Saya bukan ikan jerung,
    Betullah sayalah tu.

    Ha! Ha! Ha! What a pointless pantun!

  5. Kartika Azmi,
    Three days of non-stop conversation, yes! Excuse me, I need to go to the gents.

    Andrea Wha@tever,
    Are you serious ma'am? LOL.

  6. Welcome home soldier. Lay down your sword and grab some pina colada by a Ganu beach...

  7. There's a SEVEN WORDS challenge up my blog! Come play~!

  8. Dang, I think I was a few minutes too late. And I had this pantun all ready to chat you up while batting my eyelashes

  9. welkang back home Sir! I am sorry to miss your grand entry at the airport, otherwise I would have perform a silat pulut specially for you in situ :)

  10. Pill Pusher,
    I'm gonna have a glass of thirst quencher, a Terengganu origin called Coconut Shake by the beautiful Dungun beach. :)

    Nani Othman,

  11. Cinta,
    You'd missed one thing miss, which was biting your lower lip. Heehee..

    Then we will have a friendly tapak empat pulut play. :D

  12. ...ha ha... whilst both of you did perform "silat puluting" the whole arena would then been echoed with melodious nafiri rhythm of mine...