Sunday, June 15, 2014

He Is Alive

Mat Jeng with a baby stroller. Photo source.
He is still alive and kickin'. I wrote about him some time ago. A reader had probably mistaken my Mat Jeng and the one from his memories. He is surely not dead as I found a Facebook page dedicated to bringing news related with Dungun published a photo of Mat Jeng seen pushing a baby stroller yesterday. The caption under the photo says, in a thick Terengganuspeak:

"legend dungun...dari admin skoloh lg mmg takut ke mat jeng kdang2 sakit ati tgk budok2 brahi sangat khianat ke dia..padahal dia dok cara ke orang pun..mat jeng mat jeng..aku eluk mu kang aku iyum mungg..hehe ayat femes dia"

... which translates;

"This is Dungun's legendary figure. Ever since my (the page admin) school days I was very afraid of Mat Jeng but sometimes my heartstrings were torn by children who loved making fool out of him whenever he never brings problem to anybody.

O Mat Jeng.

'Aku eluk mu kang aku iyum mung (I'll hug you, I'll kiss you)'.

Hehe that is his words known by everybody."

The comment section was swarmed with colourful remarks and childhood memories about Mat Jeng from Dungun netizens. Someone says the bicuk (swollen flesh) on this forehead has gone. Another observant Mat Jeng's researcher said Mat Jeng should have been given Innovation Award for his creativity in adding accessories to his stroller. It seems like everybody loves him.


  1. Mat Jeng must have a nickname of some sort, the way people innTerengganu liked to coin for 'odd'people. For instance he could be called Mat Pala Bicuk. Dureing my young days there were such persond called Awang kepala keras, Deris telinga gebeng, Jusoh mata juling etc. Hence Pok DEng hidung ccokek is not impossible.

    1. Pok Deng Suwok (Pok Deng, the large forehead one) is possible.

  2. Salam Pok Deng,
    Met him few times at Pasor Dungun, yea.. similar face from 20 years ago, he's not getting older at all, ain't he? haha, my apology for previous comment on your wall on him, rumors from other. He is a legend indeed.

    1. He's still alive, sir. I thought I had seen ghost.