Friday, April 1, 2011

Fatal Leap

A twenty-one year old bloke committed suicide by a fatal dive into Unimas' famous man-made lake, as reported by Borneo Post. Not included in the news report is the suicide note left by him on his blog here. Major cause that influenced his decision was probably depression, as reported by majority of rumors. I raised my hand to agree in joining those who opted to pick the same opinion with the majority.

I also faced the same emotional problem ever since I reached second year of my academic years. No I did not commit suicide. I just kept quiet, quiet, and attempted more silence, but I let go off my pent-up emotion into blog. When I was tired of looking at the laptop's screen, I led a lonely walk by the bank of the lake, said "hi" to everyone I knew, stared at the slender hip of female joggers. I never thought of drowning myself into the lake, anyway. When I was tired of walking, I went to my friend's apartment to distract their everyday chores.

They later introduced me to one boring art called hisap sisha, which needs no translation if you are very well-informed about our current youth's lifestyle.

No I don't smoke. Cigarette is not my companion. I wonder why people inhale smoke. This is a suicide form too.


  1. was that the same lake you caught the prawn under the moonlight?

  2. DrSam,
    Yep! You're correct, doc. eheh. There's one 'lubuk udang galah' somewhere by the bank. Dressed all black, we did that at night, so that we won't get caught by security guards. Fishing is not allowed over there. If we failed to pull out a fresh water prawn, we will have tillapias instead. Sometimes, catfish. If we're lucky, it's the haruan.

    Tapi ada satu lagi lubuk best.

    Basically, a man-made lake like Tasik Unimas requires a specialized system to buffer the water surface level, especially during heavy downpour. If the water surface level is not maintained at its safe point, God helps those tillapias: they'll be sprawling on the nearby street.

    So during heavy downpour, a group of technicians will open 'the door' to channel excess water into the nearby parit where lotus and water lilies live in one big community. That is a signal that fresh water prawns and other lake denizens are pushed en bloc into one small area. Due to the presence of lotus plants, the udangs cannot escape further. They are stuck at one small area of a mere stagnant water.

    Now THAT is the place where I caught prawns under the moonlight and starts that twinkle in resplendent yellow. hehehe.

    Panjang betul cerita.

  3. Alahai.. mintak simpang Malaikat 44 (on that fatal leap).. kata orang tua tua lah tu.. jangan tanya pasal apa 44

  4. Shisha is more dangerous than cigarette, Sir.

  5. Wan Sharif,
    Haha! I was searching for the explanation behind Malaikat 44. Until this day, I haven't found any. :D

  6. Bluey,
    Aaaaw... so sweet of you. You care about me eh?? *eyes glitter*

  7. Hai Pok Deng,
    Saya pun pernah rasa nak bunuh diri tapi sebenarnya tak berani pun nak betul-betul buat. Pengalaman yang menginsafkan dan mematangkan diri, saya amat menghargainya.

  8. "smoking shisha gives off as much carbon monoxide as 15 to 52 cigarettes and as much tar as 27 to 102 cigarettes"
    - regardless how selective you are when choosing the flavour hehe

  9. Suicide is a selfish act for cowards. The dead just die. (I'm assuming that those stupid enough to go through with kkilling themselves don't believe in god and afterlife). Those that survive, who are left behind, are the ones that suffer the most. It takes strength to cope in this harsh world we live in. It takes even greater strength to see its beauty. Which one are you?

  10. Anonymous,
    I can sense you're a woman. Come over here. *hug*

  11. Bluey,
    I still remember when my buddies fled school many years ago. Diorang fly pergi pasar minggu. Returned with bloodshot eyes. That was the first time I heard the word 'sisha'. But they claimed that the sisha they inhaled smoke from had been added with a generous dose of marijuana. Wow.

  12. Jiyuu,
    Freedom of speech. I agree 200%.