Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It has been three months Father gone. I did not want to tell you that his birthday was 1st of January 1960 because on that date, annually, you're happy blowing out confetti celebrating New Year. There's no time to be sad. I is not sad too. Is you sad naw? I hopes you nawt.


  1. whats with the badass grammar?
    you're VERY sad still, do you?

  2. | Larasephia |,
    Itz lolspeak! Da kitteh's inglizh!!

    Forget oledi that u asked for my number. I seldom share my number to women. But since you're pretty, take this: 017-8086847

    I'll change to a new one once i get my first job. So that one's kinda temporary.

    Told ya i is nawt sad!

  3. one thing i hate doing is telling others to not be sad.

  4. Dear Pok Deng,
    Been your silent reader for ages. Are you still looking for a job? Email us catinsydneyatgmaildotcom. No promises but if you're willing to migrate to KL, why not? purrrr.....meow!

  5. I hope that you and your family are coping well. Take care and good luck in your job hunt.

  6. i'msosupernotcool,
    You lost your dad when you were twelve. I lost mine when I am already a grown man. That's a lot of difference between us.

  7. Cat-in-Sydney ,
    Great. We now have a computer-literate cat. And it maintains a blog! Alright kittie, me send you an email.

    Schh... schhh... schhh... come here kittie kittie... schh... schhh... schhh... come here kittie kittie...

    Ceh buat tak layan! Hmph!

  8. Andrea Wh@tever,
    We're alright, ma'am!

    I'll get the job. At the same time, I'm setting up a business. And you MUST buy my product! haha!

  9. Reminds me to appreciate remains of my llife more... for I am Geminian, 1960 (Year of the Rat).

    MRSM Kalae Chepo 66/73

  10. Anonymous,
    I should call you 'uncle'.

    1987 is the year of the rabbit. Yesterday I ate rabbit's meat satay. Tastes good!