Sunday, November 28, 2010

Oh Dear Father

He died of liver cancer even though doctors had no solid reasons to put that on Doctor's Acknowledgment On The Cause of Death's form. Septicaemic shock second degree spontaneous bacteria peritonitis, as it reads on the sheet.

Father began to have constant fever after he sent me to airport on 5th October 2010. The flight took off to Sarawak. Convocation's waiting, about to be held on 10th. Back in Terengganu, he had fever only at nighttime. In the daytime, he's good. However, we already noticed minor changes in him: gradually decreasing weight, loss of appetite, bloating, slightly swollen belly, easily get tired, a slight jaundice in his eyes and skin, hardened right abdomen where liver's right lobe is located. But he led his daily life like usual, no sign of intense sickness shown.

He met a doctor after constant nagging from Mother. Three small stones in his gallbladder found on X-ray film. During ultrasound scanning, his liver seemed to look a bit 'in-ordinary'. It was somewhat enlarged (swollen), hence the hardened right abdomen. On the right lobe, something undesirable was spotted on the surface. Subsequent treatment was proposed by the medical officer. He needed to go to Kemaman's General Hospital where surgery awaited. Probably for the gallstones. The due date was around February 2011.

Before that, he first needed to undergo CT Scan and Ultrasound at Kuala Terengganu's General Hospital. In the morning of 22nd November 2010, we accompanied him throughout the entire session. I pushed the wheelchair back and forth in the hospital. He seemed extremely exhausted and pale, probably because of the need to fast before CT Scan is carried out. The urge to cry was kept safely in my rib cage.

At Grandpa's house, he just laid his back on the bedroom's floor, not wanting to eat because he could not eat. He did not have the desire to eat. He felt nausea. He only bit a few dates and drank a cup of hot Milo. Then he continued to lie on the floor, seemed extremely exhausted. Mother cried. She knew the time was coming to him, and us. I burned my eyes not to shed a single drop of tear.

Father vomited a huge amount of blackish liquid. He felt relief soon after that. He then ate a small bowl of rice porridge Mother made earlier. I took my time outing to town with a close friend of mine to meet a traditional healer in order to find hope.

I brought hope back to Grandpa's house that maghrib. Surprised. Uncles and aunties and cousins were gathering in the house. I hurried to the room to see Father getting weaker than before. He breathed heavily. His hands were cold.

He was promptly brought to hospital. I sat beside Father in the ambulance slipping in between the thinnest of margin of the Kuala Terengganu's traffic. I cried. The doctor asked me a few things about Father: his medical history, how long did he breathe heavily like that, et cetera.

I assisted the medical assistant to pull the wheeled bed. Everyone sitting on the waiting bench watched at us as we stormed into the emergency room.

It took about twenty minutes before doctors came to treat him. Before that, he was left alone in bed with oxygen supply's wire placed into his nostrils. Father constantly changed his position. He didn't feel comfortable. I helped him when wanted to turn left. He breathed heavily. Respiration high, his speech was hurried like after a long run. Mother and I were asked by the doctor in charge to leave the emergency room several times. We were shuffling in and out, making sure Father is okay but doctors just minding their own business. I felt a sudden urge to scream, to grab a collar of any of them I came across, to shout down their throat asking what the hell they do with their monthly wage, to force them to treat Father as quick as possible, but I let the anger vapourized itself.

Doctors and their assistants then came to change Father's bed to another location in the room. They change the oxygen supply with the one I always saw on TV. A network of wires crisscrossed on Father's weak body. Father looked calm. He tilted his head left and right, staring at everybody around him.

They 'rested' Father after I signed the agreement form. They said Father agreed it too and it was time for us to give our permission. Father's hemoglobin was said below 5. His heartbeat was low. He breathed heavily and he was sweating even though the room was well air-conditioned. 'Kritikal dan tidak stabil,' as one of the doctors said. Soon, we saw Father slept.

I walked away, leaving my relatives squatting and sitting on the floor in front of the emergency room's main door. Alone at the hospital's small park, it was a burst of cry.

That morning, on 7:45, Father's gone. Forever. I whispered him 'kalimah syahadah'. Cried. Cried. And more cry.

Goodbye Ayoh.

We faced some financial problems at the moment. It is not so severe but I don't think we can survive long if it goes like this for the next two months. I am now jobless. Still looking for a job but nothing came. I know Mother can sell karipap segera, donat, and kuih lipat, but we are still in our hard times. I need to settle some urusan here and there; Father's insurance, duit pencen, hutang kad kredit, tukar nama kereta, tukar nama rumah, and so on. I desperately need a job.

Update 4th December 2010: I have received phone calls and emails and SMSes from some of you. Some prefer to remain anonymous (they refused to reveal their identities) and I don't know how they managed to get my (and Mother's) private phone number. It's a small world sincere people like you will do anything to help the needy. There are people who donated me cash so that we can temporarily carry on our lives like you, you, and you. And I even got some people offering help to get me a decent job. Thank you, ma'am/miss/sir. Your kindness is very much appreciated. At the moment, I have deleted my bank account's number I publicly shared on this post for about a week. I felt like a street money beggar. I am truly sorry. So it's better for me to get rid of it and start thinking rationally that we are not yet poverty stricken like ones shown in TV3 Bersamamu. I know some day, there will be exit routes from this hard times and one of it is 'getting a job'. For those who had deposited your sincere donation into my RHB bank's account, a small percentage of it will be used to feed three of us. The remains will be subjected to future purpose, for the prosperity of my late Father.


  1. Be strong. Every cloud has a silver lining.

    You know, my abe work part-time translating thesis for students and fellow staff in UiTM. RM0.50-RM1.50 per page...depends on number of page and bugdet customer laa...kalau lecturer wajib min RM2 per page.

    You live in Dungun...surely the hotcat students would appreciate this kind of service, ya? Just an idea...btw.

  2. Salam din...adam ni...menitis air mata aku..huu..teringat dulu..selalu salam dgn arwah bile dtg rumah mu..huu..Din..aku harap mu kuat..dan aku tahu mu mmg kuat..sebagai seorang kawan..dari sekolah rendah lagi..plkn bersama..sekolah menengah bersama..even kolej matrikulasi pon bersama..aku mmg sgt terasa bile kawan aku ni kehilangan org tersayang..aku hanya mampu berdoa dan semoga Allah sentiasa memberi kekuatan dan kebahagian kepada mu sekeluarga..

  3. din, kalu mung nk mtk tlong mende2 kabo la..slagi aku buleh tlong aku tlong..dok soh sgan la ngan aku..

  4. I am sorry to hear how he died.
    The frustration you felt inside up.

    Be strong my friend.

  5. T_T

    be strong. do not give up hope.

  6. posted a few feedbacks for this post 5 times and they vanished. will be rite back.

    as for now, HANG IN THERE,pal. Have faith.

  7. Please check your email asap.

  8. Andrea Wh@tever,
    Ma'am. Done that. I see no email from 'Datin Andrea'. Mungkin ada tersilap tulis address? Maybe I should re-check my inbox few hours later.

  9. I've re-send message to If you have not received it, can you please send me a test message to Thanks.

  10. Andrea Wh@tever,
    Ekceli, it's I'll buzz you, then.

  11. Really I am so sorry to hear this. I hope everything will go well. InsyaAllah. Be really strong k!

  12. Pok deng, mitok maaf sbb lambat kontek. Gane2 pon time kaseh sebab update ke pasal ayoh awok. Sedeh sgt mase dapat brite tu. Awok sabor deh. Allah lebih sayangkan die. Awok kene kuat deh! Orang hok paling taboh skali mok kite ah. Jangan patoh semangat!