Saturday, March 6, 2010

I Was Kidnapped When I Was A Baby

I was kidnapped by someone named Acik Jang. Mother got very angry that she swore her a great deal. She didn't pay the ransom so I was kept in Acik Jang's custody in a place so far away northward called Lorong Mok Pe, Kuala Trengganu. I received violent physical tortures like pinches, hugs, kisses, and many more by people I could not remember but Mother called them "siblings". Mother took me back to Dungun next day after I was crying badly like a baby. She was still angry. God kidnapped Acik Jang few months ago. Asthma.


  1. ohh i could understand how you 'suffered' from the excessive tickling abuse.'poor' you

    Takziah pokdeng.

  2. such a cute baby u were Sir!..and al-fatihah to Acik Jang, am sure God kidnapped her n sent her to a much better place..

  3. AlFatihah.

    but we're still 'kidnapped' and still getting 'pinches, hugs, kisses, and many more' by odd people.

  4. My oh my.. kidnapped by God eh.. Nice entry. :)

  5. cute picture. XD haha.

    and a sincere alfatihah from me. how old was acik jang?

  6. I had the same freaking experience like yours many-many years back Sir. Still looking forward for somebody to kidnap me and tortured me like the old days.

    May acik jang rest in peace and be in a special place as other al-solihin.

  7. Kartika Azmi,
    This suffer ends when you're getting wilted like a dried prune. But it gives you some warm feeling remembering it. Okay I lied. I don't remember anything. Mother told me about that.

    Thank you for the compliment, ma'am. It makes me blush. :D

  8. The Tea Drinker,
    That's one deep stuff, sir. I'm sure you're trying to say something.

    FH in space,
    Miss, now I know "kidnap" is not a suitable word for this. God took her back to where she should belong -- with Him! But I'm keeping the coined term for literature beauty. Hope you like it more. :)

  9. Nani Othman,
    You should be liking the person in the photo. Hehe. Acik Jang probably in her twenties then. Maybe.

    Dr. Sam,
    I thought it's time to learn kidnapping others, doctor! People won't kidnap us for good anymore.

  10. Dear Sir,
    Naah, I think u coined the word correctly. It makes me think of kidnappin in a whole new light. Anyhoo, I hope my future 'kidnapper' won't pinch my cheeks like others did. Hahaha.
    Happy kidnappin!

  11. FH in space,
    Well I wish you good luck then. Hope he may pull up your chin when you're in sober, kiss your forehead and whisper you sweet things that makes you float up high in the air for a moment you will remember a whole lifetime. =)

  12. I think this post is cool.

    Al-fatihah to your once a kidnapper, Acik Jang. May she rest in peace with the righteous one.

  13. Silent Scribbler,
    So I'm your little Chinese dumpling. LOL.

    Hope it soothes you!

  14. Acik Jang, you did good. You did good.
    May God put you among His favourite subjects.