Sunday, March 21, 2010

Father In His 20's

He looked like me, except the hair. I wonder where did he get that. I am a balding man by now, suffering hair loss since fourth grade. Ladies and gentlemen, it's "balding", not completely bald already. After reading through many online reviews, I think Yun Nam is just a scam. Mother said that I don't have to worry about the hair. Money is the utmost priority when you're dealing with women. Talk about Gucci, high heels, and leather bags.


  1. hahaha like father like youre balding? what about grey hair? hahaha..

    yeah money comes first IF you're dealing with the high maintenance one.

  2. Hey... what a classic picture. :-) No lah, not all women like to talk about Gucci, high heels and leather bags. I have friends who prefer buying gadgets instead of hand bags or shoes. :-P And no, money is not the utmost priority for all women. I believe some women want to feel secure that the husband is able to support them, not shower them with money. Lain tau. :-P

  3. balding..hmm

    about Yun Nam, my friend did gone through a couple of sessions and the hair seems ok now (as in more)

    and money is the utmost priority when dealing with women..

    i don't know. i am neither Gucci nor a leather bag person. but i like money tho.. (^_^)

  4. Yes you guys look similar to each other. Bald men are sexy. Take Vin Diesel for example.

  5. Kartika Azmi,
    Not found a single grey line on my top! Woohoo! See, I'm still young!

    Yeah, especially the high maintenance one. She would spend more time to sulking.

    Silent Scribbler,
    Gadgets? That's interesting. I thought only geeks (many are males) do that.

    I reckon only married women think your way. Others are most probably money reducing agents. I'm not saying all of them. But hey, I found quite significant number of them. I think negligible is not a suitable word at all.

  6. lifeitis,
    Actually I haven't tried them yet. I only read online reviews and most of them seemed to have the tendency to express their disappointment on their products. Financial issue is a big thing.

    Dottie with Dots,
    Vin Diesel have work-out muscles. I don't have that. Hihi.

  7. the grass on my apex is wilting as well. Some said it has something to do with hormones imblance. I don't think so. Because if that is the case, women should have more problem than us, the more stabile-male counterpart :)

  8. DrSam,
    Haha! That's one smart thing, doctor! I like that.

  9. Err... please ignore what all women EXCEPT your mother says on this topic. In the real world, its not what on your head that matters - its whats in your wallet that rules.

    Some women are just to ashamed to admit this ;-)

  10. bangkai,
    I will take your words, sir! Ha! Ha!