Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Going Out Fishing

Besides acting as a problem solver for the whole world crisis while watching news on TV, a true man goes fishing. So I went out fishing. Or prawning -- if this word does exist in the dictionary. I am in madness of catching fresh water prawns at a secret location where stars twinkle in resplendent yellow.

Apart from eerie trolls and goblins, this secret location promises good catch if the sun shines so bright all week long that it makes our dear prawns underneath this six-feet deep stagnant water going frenzy, thus, drooling over our bait. While the gullet of those poor worms bloated with the water from the pond, we were doing some charity works by donating our warm blood into the gullet of mosquitoes. They never thanked us. It takes a hard time for me to figure out that fishing trains patience. I cursed mosquitoes for all the skin rashes I received.

Too much of waiting, I scoffed when the grudging rains started pouring on us. We went back empty handed with an unpleasant sight of our flip-flops besmeared by mud. It's rainy season in Sarawak and prawns dislike rain. But we could see ourselves walking back to that secret location once the sun shines eagerly the next evening and it's a fat chance since this is rainy season. I have told you that.

No matter what happen, I'm gonna keep myself persistent with this prawn hunting activity. I'm sorry if I am some sort of in a writer's block mode. Don't blame me. Blame the prawns.


  1. huhu..prawns eh..luv them too!!..but i guess luv comes in many strange and mysterious ways..

    unlike u, my luv towards prawns is rather straight forward, whenever i feel like having them i just bring along my bait comes in many colours depends on how big the prawn that i want to feast on, then i make my journey(doesnt matter rain or shine) to "Lubuk Batu" and say this magic words.."mokcik wi ude ni sekilo!!"..

    owh by the case u are wondering where Lubuk Batu is the market..u know where they put all the prawns n other sea ceratures on a 'meja batu'..uikkss..forgive me for pot-petting here in ur blog..hehe

  2. I hope your patience won't wear off that easily, even with all the 'godaang' and 'cobaang' by all those bloodsucking creatures.

    Best of luck sir!

  3. tchersally,
    Teacher, that must be the strongest mantra for prawn calling! And I envy the supernatural power of your colourful baits for I may need to wait ten years (or more) to have them. Thank you for sharing, teacher!

    Not a big deal, I have had used to people who loved pot-petting a lot.

  4. DrSam,
    It won't wear off easily... if I see myself still squatting along the bank, fishing. But it will do when I walk out from the fishing spot.

    Thank you, doctor!

  5. for giving you such a hard time dude,

    I blamed it on the undiscriminating rain,
    I blamed it on the those soggy uneaten baits,
    I blamed it on the bloodsucking mosquitoes,
    I blamed it on the mud smeared flip-flops under your toes,
    I blamed it on the humongous block that got stuck in your wondering mind ever since.

    but, never did i blamed it on those bloody prawns.

    p/s : should use keropok instead to lure those critters out.


  6. gumbleed,
    Ah, next time I'm gonna bring a bucket of keropok lekor filled to the brim. I'll eat them while waiting those bloody prawns to come out and smell this fishy delicacy.

    Maybe I should use net instead. Hehe.