Monday, December 11, 2017

That Lady Who Does Not Want To Let Other People To Use HER Equipment

It spread like wilfire. She spewed her rage on Fb wall several months ago. It started when she did not let a doctor lady use the Agilent Bioanalyzer (it is a RM100k+ lab equipment). I prepared the spec sheet for that equipment before the boss got the funding, clearance from the central Finance dept, and finally it was delivered to our lobby and then... into her lab; from which the problem rises.

She has this particular condescending attitude. Chances that you get permission to use her equipment is very low; lower than the ankle's height if you are her competitor or even worse, over her dead body if you are her workplace enemy like me. What makes more troublesome to the organization is that she does not know how to properly use the equipment herself. She knows the a b c of that equipment but putting them up into a comprehensible word and then a sentence is not her capability. Rubbing more salt in the wound, she is not actively working in the lab. Lights off most of the days, sometimes bright showing apparition of her interns shuffling in and out cluelessly. The equipment are there in the dark lair of uncertainty.

So this doctor lady reprimanded her about her attitude. In fact, the official Purchasing Officer's name stated in the Purchasing Order is this doctor lady's. How ironic. Things got tensed in her head that she spewed anger on Facebook and the colleagues read it and talked about it and judged it.

I guess the Agilent Bioanalyzer remains a historical artifact to this day. We received an email from the boss yesterday. Attached with it was a sheet listing down the 'utilization rate of asset'. 

Agilent Bioanalyzer was 0%. So the boss told us the person in charge must come forward and explain to him why it is so. I am not surprised.

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