Monday, December 11, 2017

Awi, The Girl With Bad Toenails

Her toenails were horrible. A Hello Kitty purse, really? I guess she was surprised we were together in the lift by chance this morning. We walked out of the lift with me silently judging how bad her fashion was. And her toenails too.

So I bought a chicken burger for dinner just now. While waiting, that girl who I met in the lift this morning appeared. She was so much adored by the males hanging around near the burger stall who called out her name, "Awi!" and my FBI or CIA or KGB brain automatically stored the information. Was it "Aween" or "Awin"? "Awi" sounded male but never mind.

"Awi! Abang ni nak chicken grill dengan french fries!" said one guy.

Awi, the girl with bad toenails, replied "betul-betul ke ni?"

He said, "betullah!" and he added, "dengan susu sekali ya?" They laughed hysterically.

Awi, the girl with perky breast, left the guys and walked towards the restaurant she worked for.

Awi is not important to me. The other waitress is prettier. She has a face of a stern but loving mother.


  1. Ha Ha, A beautiful and interesting short story. Have a nice day.

    1. She is. I am referring to Awi's waitress friend.